oM package

We realize a professional photo shoot and we load the ads with accurate and complete description on the different channel and we translate in the principal languages to a world level.

We selected online and direct channel that more suit at type of property that we will put on the marketplace of the short and tourist rents and we work with our team qualified to position to the first place on the visibility and research for the final guest to be able to reach on the months the maximum employment of your property.

Reservations and Assistance

A staff dedicate to known of 3 languages for the reservations, assistance during the stay, the check out or the synchronization of the different channel and our web site of reservation in mode to not left neither a request.

Payments manage

The guest pay before the stay and we occupied to verify that the takings are correct. Every month we reclaim the takings net of our skills, and report the stays of your apartment.
Through Login Ability owner is possible to see always the occupations and the relative takings that we are producing in our apartments.


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oM plus package

Furthermore the services of the oM Package: the guest that have reserved, now we host and we take care of his stay, follow him for all his stay in your property, making it feel just like home.
For any need and emergency our staff is always availability to resolve any type of problem there could be.


We receive the guest in your apartment clean and perfumed, illustrate very well all functional aspects of the property, tell always with the smile the beauty with the place of the city and neighborhood. We left the paper guides and also an App that they will found the best offers food and wine and cultural that the city offers.

Clean and Linen

At the end of the stay, we occupy to clean the apartment, change and the washing of the linen, observing the high professional standard.

Check-out and Inspection

We greet the guest at the check-out, we catch the keys and verify that all is in order and in the case we provide to do through our qualified staff ordinary maintenance intervention and we prepare to host the next guest.


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