Padua, in addition to being a city rich in history, art, culture also presents a very long culinary tradition that will immerse you in delicious and unique flavors and dishes.

Among the first typical Paduan dishes we find rice and noodles in broth of duck, the risotto with chicken livers called in dialect padovano ” rovinassi ”, the Paduan polenta which is a characteristic baking cake thanks to its taste and the unmistakable aroma of polenta.

And not less important and tasty the fugassa which is the Venetian focaccia, which in reality is an Easter dove.

Well, after these extraordinary delicacies, you will have come the desire to savor and taste them together with your family.

For this you will find some of the best restaurants specially chosen by us to make you live a unique and Paduan experience in terms of taste!

It presents Venetian dishes prepared in the open kitchen of a room that also hosts exhibitions and musical evenings.

The cuisine is typical of Veneto and incorporates the centuries-old tradition of the taverns near the famous and well-known University of Padua. Here you will also find typical Paduan foods and excellent wines.

One of the oldest taverns in the heart of Padua, in front of the Duomo.

What are you waiting for?

Do not miss these delicious dishes, immerse yourself in a culinary reality that only in the heart of the city of Padua you can find!