The Euganean Spas are the largest spa in Europe, internationally recognized for the curative treatments carried out with hyperthermal waters and certified quality muds.

Efficacy of the treatments, appeared in the eyes of the ancient Venetians as evidence of divine intercession.

Thermal waters of the Euganean basin, of meteoric origin, are collected in the uncontaminated basins of the Lessini Mountains, on the Veneto Prealps.

Waters are called salsobromoiodic hypothermal waters thanks to their therapeutic qualities.

Abano and Montegrotto  is suitable for those who want to spend a holiday on the Euganean Hills.

Also near of the spa area and the Euganean Hills there are numerous important historical and artistic monuments.

These are an obligatory stop for those who want to visit these beautiful cities, ideal for enjoying a moment of rest or intimacy on holiday in the Euganean Hills and in the spa area

It is a perfect holiday combining the nature of the wonderful hills and the effectiveness or uniqueness of the thermal waters, obtaining an extremely relaxing stay.

Well what are you waiting for?
Come and spend a relaxing stay in Montegrotto Terme!